Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can make humans and animals sick. They cause illnesses that can range from the common cold to more severe diseases. Symptoms can range from mild illness to pneumonia. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very sick very quickly.

There is evidence that the virus spreads from person-to-person. The virus is most likely spread through: close contact with an infectious person, contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze, touching objects or surfaces (like doorknobs or tables) that have cough or sneeze droplets from an infected person and then touching your mouth or face.

We are confident our operations continue to be safe and ready to serve you, and we have added this section to our website on an effort to share valuable information and answer your concerns about the current coronavirus situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Slime Factory open?

Yes. We are confident our operations continue to be safe and ready to serve you. Rest assured that we are
monitoring the situation closely and will continue to adjust as needed, please visit our website for the most up
to date news and store hours. As a last resort, we will close a store if we feel it is in the best interest of our
customers and team members, or of course if we are directed to do so by government authorities.

Is it safe to visit the store?

The Slime Factory has always taken healthy and protective measures as part of our experience. Children get to
wear lab coats and protective glasses while visiting the facilities, this of course as an opportunity for the children
to engage in scientist role play, but also as a safety measure; this protective gear is sanitized after each use. We
have multiple sanitizing stations available at all our locations, as well as wipes and paper towels. We provide
gloves for the children to wear while playing with the slime at the gooey slime pool. All our tables have plastic
table clovers which are replaced several times a day. All the plates, sticks, and bowls are disposables so we don’t
pass any materials from one child to another, and all the children are provided with new resealable plastic
containers to put their slime and take it home. Our team members always wear lab coats and wash their hands
and sanitize often.

Are you taking any additional preventive measures?

We are taking the following additional precautions beyond our usual procedures:
• We have reduced the size of our group classes to be able to provide a safer distance between the children at
the stations and avoid unnecessary contact.
• We have available rubbing alcohol to sanitize our guest’s hands when they enter the space.
• We also will have available starting Monday disposable sleeve covers for the children to wear if they have short
sleeve tops to protect their arms as well from any unnecessary exposure.
• We have enhanced our end-of-day sanitation procedures.
• We have reinforced with our team members the illness prevention actions to avoid the spread of germs.

Can I visit if I'm sick?

We kindly ask that you avoid visiting us if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough or
shortness of breath, or if you have had any contact with someone who was COVID-19. We are oering
rescheduling of tickets if needed.

What can I do?

We kindly ask that you please observe good hygiene practices when you visit us, and encourage your children to
the following:
• Remind children to maintain distance from people especially if they are coughing or sneezing or sick.
• Remind them to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, and always throw the tissues into the trash.
• Please ask the children to avoid playing with other children’s toys or slimes.
•Remind them to avoid touching their face without washing their hands.
• Get children into a regular hand washing and sanitizing habit.

Can I reschedule?

We understand your main priority is the well-being of your family. And even with all the protective measures we have been taking, we understand if you want to stay at home to avoid unnecessary risks.

Although we have a clear no refund policy, we are offering rescheduling of tickets at no cost for a future date. If you wish to change your reservation, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance so we can update the reservation.
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